An observer once wrote that there are two Londons. There is the London that is familiar through postcards, travel programmes and the news and there is the other London that, simply, gets on with life. Not exactly quietly but happily out of the glare.

Kentish Town is between the grime and the tourists of Camden and the pristine roll of Hampstead and Belsize Park.

In the middle. Leafier and less frenetic than down the road and more egalitarian and, well, real than up towards Parliament and Primrose Hill.

In fact. It could be possible to force a valid comparison between Lewes and Kentish Town. A theory that casts Brighton as the Camden and West End and Alfriston as the picture perfect dream village.

So, Lewes and Kentish Town as charming, creative and very functioning relatives.

A frequent feature in London architectural conversations is the intelligent, optimal and stylish extension.

There are bad ones of course but when they are precisely considered and exquisitely realised they are a thing of quiet beauty.

Thankfully, IH460 is a kitchen that dwells in one of the outstanding examples of the form.

Instinctively cool contemporary architecture that somehow feels organically connected to the Victorian line of the original house. Heritage character balanced with forward thinking purpose.

Abundant North West London light floods in. A very beautiful Inglis Hall kitchen is the new heart of a confident and nonchalantly luxurious family home.

Pale tones and chalky, soft textures. Pristine proportions. Life made a bit easier by design. All of the things that satisfy when we talk about kitchens and architecture.

Sometimes it all just seems to fall into place. What could be tricky architectural challenges become beguiling details.

A kitchen that defines purity of form. The sophistication of simplicity. A home that offers an almost meditative calm in the midst of the capital’s symphony of traffic, sirens and low frequency basslines from open windows.


We fell in love with Kentish Town in the time we spent there. If only for the local secret of Salvino’s Deli on Brecknock Road. Possibly the most tempting and dangerously seductive food store outside of Italy. Reason enough to make a great kitchen a very high priority.

Lots of people say they could never live in London. The noise, the crowds and the difficult parking. All of that stuff.

A delightful, unassuming and airy terrace house with a gorgeous kitchen in Kentish Town might just change your mind.

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