Drive West out of Lewes. Follow the coast line. West. Keep going.

The light changes in Dorset. An indescribable silver shimmer. Reflected off the Channel. The Jurassic Coast. Thomas Hardy country. Prehistoric majesty and literary history.

Studland Bay and Sandbank are amongst the most beautiful points on our coastline. They are also some of the most (discretely) covetable real estate anywhere.

A very well informed and discerning client who wanted to create a family home that defined easy comfort and sublime tranquility. A client with a friend like gifted interior designer Lucy Woodruff ensured the project was going to be something very special.

They have composed a home that is an altar to the quality of life. Unapologetically contemporary. A vast space which celebrates the light and air of the coast yet still, somehow, feels intimate and welcoming.

Ask around your friends who are really into food and you will quickly learn of Dorset’s reputation as a culinary destination.

Indeed, food is a critical element in this project. A schedule divided into a busy working week in London and blissful weekends in Dorset is nourished by a full time chef.

So. The kitchen in this home is under a lot of pressure to deliver.

Without any restrictions on space we created, in close collaboration with the client and designer, a kitchen which both performs to the highest possible standards and subtly harmonises with the cool, effortless aesthetic of the house.

Ergonomic perfection with no tricky corners. Everything needed in flow state sequence. In many ways, as much a dream for us to design and build as it is for the client to live with.

A kitchen for cooking is a space for entertaining is a place for moments of precious solitude and beyond.

A perfect home. Not ostentatious. Not gratuitous. Just an intelligent and intuitive device to optimize the quality of life.

Cheers. To many years of well deserved happiness in a very special place. With an extraordinary and beautiful kitchen.

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