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    The Weald

    The Weald. In academic terms the word denotes the eroded remains of a geological structure, an anticline, a dome of layered Cretaceous rock.

    There you go.

    The Weald is, for the purposes of this conversation, an area that wanders and spills across East and West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent.

    Much of is designated, and deserved, as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is, undeniably, one of the most richly verdant and densely wooded expanses of England or, indeed, pretty much anywhere.

    Whilst the Weald, as a civic region, was only established towards the end of the twentieth century, the land, the settlements within and the lore and statistics of the place are some of the earliest recorded data in the history of our country and establishment.

    Explore the five hundred or so square miles that form the Weald and you encounter a seemingly endless route of picturesque villages, charming towns, ravishing meadow sweep and beguiling, tranquil and flawlessly cared for woodlands.

    Somewhere in the Weald, to be specific, in the High Weald, you will find a gleaming, twentyfirst century facility. A workshop, a studio and gallery spaces.

    The definition of contemporary creative environment.

    Swallows Works.

    At first encounter the very unapologetic newness of the place may seem surprising. Disappointing even to those expecting a careworn and endlessly patched in and improvised barn or series of sheds.

    Well. The truth is.

    Our objective, our primary commitment is, and always was, to craft beautiful kitchens of uncompromised quality from the very finest materials.

    This belief has always engaged technology and advance in equal measures to traditional craft and method.

    For a number of reasons we sigh gently at leaving our workshop in Lewes. You know the feeling. Attachment, nostalgia and the comfort of familiarity.

    But then. We pace around a single space that is big enough, stable, secure, thrillingly watertight, flooded with light and we envisage, plan and anticipate the possibilities that this building will enable. Yes. A lot of good memories and a pride in what we achieved from our old place.

    Goodbye. And hello.

    An architect, a really famous and lauded architect once commented that no building can be designed as iconic. It is what the building and the people who occupy it achieve over time that makes it iconic.

    Makes sense to us.

    Of course. We still live in Lewes where you can find us in An Actual Kitchen. This is our difficult to categorise but still very beautiful space at 29 High Street. As the sign says. An Actual Kitchen.

    An Actual Kitchen that almost fills the entire floor of a charming and historic building that had, until recently, slumped into dreary neglect.

    Our address in Lewes. Our place that we keep in town. Not huge but beautiful. Do drop by.

    Anyway. Our other place. The one where we store the finest materials in temperature controlled and dry order. Where we can work without compromise.

    Simplicity may be one of our defining aesthetic qualities but, as we all know, simplicity is a complex thing to accomplish sometimes.

    The machinery that crafting a kitchen to the highest quality requires is large, noisy and generally not very socially harmonic.

    A purpose built place makes these processes safer, less obtrusive and more efficient.

    Unobstructed and ergonomic access and exits may not sound wildly enchanting but, trust us, they mean a lot. As does proper parking and vehicle loading.

    Maybe this all explains the reasons why we fell for Swallows. Picturesque? Well, not exactly. Quaint? Conventionally charming in appearance? OK, we see what you mean.

    The right thing for the method, material, skill, people and process of building a beautiful kitchen?

    Absolutely. No question.

    Maybe the way to understand and appreciate our workshop is to spend time with a finished, flawless and timelessly beautiful kitchen.

    Same as it ever was. We are still delighted to show you around. In fact, we would always advise it to anybody considering commissioning an Inglis Hall kitchen.

    Still no stage of what we do that we are not proud of.

    Still the same. Still different.

    And now, at least, you know where we are.