It’s very simple.

We make kitchens. From our design studio at An Actual Kitchen on Lewes High Street, and new, vast, purpose built, light filled workshop just down the road at Golden Cross.

Every process is carried out here, by us. The materials we use are, as much as is effectively, reasonably and responsibly, from local sources.

How we work, from conversation to idea, to design to craft, to object and to installation, happens here.

It has become fashionable to describe a person, or a company, as makers. There are makers and, well, there are makers. We take the term seriously. It is not about assembling components manufactured elsewhere. It is not about packaging up brought in work and despatching it with your identity on the box.

It is about an honest, authentic and absolute commitment to making. An entire process. From idea to object.

There are no company cars. No salesperson on commission and no receptionist. The person who answers the phone or greets you at the door is a person directly involved in the process of building beautiful and timeless kitchens.

Put it another way. Everybody who works at Inglis Hall is a direct part of making a beautiful kitchen. Everybody knows each other. The team that works together eats together. There is a rigid rule at Inglis Hall. Once a week. Monday. Everybody sits down together and eats. OK, so we have an incentive. A robust Italian lunch delivered to the workshop by Elisa from Caccia & Tails.* A proper lunch. Tools down, hands washed. Eat and talk. Appreciate. Eat a bit more. Go on then.

A civilised and human way to start the week.

We think you understand. A person who is in pursuit of a fantastic kitchen is a person who understands the importance of eating together.

We’ll be honest. There are faster ways to build a kitchen.

We do what we do for those who appreciate that a kitchen is a serious investment. That buy less, buy better is a commitment. That materials are to a kitchen what ingredients are to a meal.

Reasons why an Inglis Hall kitchen is not, admittedly, for everyone.

How we work limits the number of projects we can commit to in a year. Fine by us. It means we engage passionately with each project. Passion goes a long way towards perfection.

A process which aligns traditional craft and skill with efficient technology. Cabinetry and software. Committed to ideals but open to ideas.

Technology is explored, embraced and deployed only when it elevates the quality of the work. Never for the sake of convenience.

A kitchen. A lifetime purchase. A critical element in the composition of a fulfilling home. Context is everything. Suddenly the cost, and the time make sense.

This is why we are proud to describe ourselves as makers.

Through and through.

As we said. It’s simple.

*Caccia & Tails: if you know Lewes you probably know the place. You have probably squeezed into its tiny store in Station Street and ordered focaccia. You probably did what most people do and order far more than you need. You probably ate it all. A noisy, cramped, crowded and perfect slice of Italy.